Good Environmental Practices Toolkit for New Zealand Piggeries

The attached Toolkit represents a number of management tools that will help a producer to farm in a more environmentally sustainable manner. These tools are not exhaustive and they are not considered necessarily to be the ‘best’ way to manage any given farm activity. This is because what constitutes the ‘best practicable option’ can vary greatly between farms. Producers should feel free to pick and choose which tools will work best on their farm and to adapt them as necessary.

As mentioned above, there are a number of management tools that have yet to be included in this toolbox. It will therefore be a good idea to refer back to this page every now and again to see if any further ideas have been added. At the moment, we are looking at including a template for an effluent application map of the farm to help a producer ensure the effluent is being applied appropriately. Also being researched is the inclusion of a nutrient budget programme that will help producers and councils ensure the effects of effluent application are suitable (especially when wanting to apply more than the maximum allowable N/hect./year as written in the council plan).

Download the toolkit. (PDF 94KB)

You'll need Adobe Reader to read the PDF file.  If you don't have it, don't worry - it's free.  Just follow this link to the Adobe site to download a copy.